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One Piece Advent Calendar Rankings-What-is-an-advent-calendar

Many of us are no strangers to Advent calendars, which we saw as gift boxes when we were kids, and the little surprises that came with each one we unwrapped could give our young ones a whole day’s worth of joy. In reality, none of us know about Advent calendars, in a way we don’t know what an Advent calendar is.

Why? Whenever we open our Advent calendars, we always get almost the same gifts as before, and over time we slowly lose our expectations and the Advent calendar seems to be just that. However, change can come without notice. When the rise of film, television, and anime, anime characters that anime fans love are being put into gift boxes, a move that undoubtedly adds a new dimension to it.

As a One Piece fan, I’d say that’s pretty cool. Think of your favorite character being placed in a blind box of gifts, waiting for you to find it, every day is a little surprise. And out of the many One Piece Advent Calendars out there, ours is certainly in the best category of all. Below I will recommend some great One Piece Advent Calendars to One Piece fans according to the product sales ranking.

1. One Piece Advent Calendar – Adventure 2023

One Piece ADVENT CALENDAR – Adventure 2022

This is the first One Piece Advent Calendar I’m going to recommend to you, so why am I putting it in the first place? First of all, because it’s our store’s top seller, and since it’s the top seller, it should meet most people’s expectations and be accepted by a significant number of people. Secondly, its cover design is perfect, with the overall light blue picture style, in the middle of Luffy were three beautiful women with different styles, purple, yellow, and blue three different shades constituting a picture of incomparable aroma, Ace and Sauron two handsome men are also portrayed in a very stylish, and our group pet small Choopy also depicted very cute, that teenager is not excited? That teenager does not fall in love?

Then there’s the fact that it comes in two different styles, a medium box: 16cm (W) x 21cm (H) x 5cm (D) for $33.90, and a large box: 23cm (W) x 33cm (H) x 4cm (D) for $44.90, which has the largest selection of all the One Piece Advent calendars in the store. Last, but not least, it’s the fact that it’s new for 2023, and the 24 random gifts and mini souvenirs are the most beautifully crafted of any One Piece King Advent Calendar, and trust me. It’s the perfect calendar for One Piece King fans.

2. One Piece Advent Calendar – THE Sun God Nika 2023

ONE PIECE Advent Calendar – THE SUN GOD NIKA 2023

This one comes in second simply because it didn’t sell as well as the first one. It has a few fewer types than the first one. And in its aspect, it can be said to be on par with the first, with a lavender background complemented by a white Luffy figure on the cover design. Character styling, Luffy’s strongest form of the Sun God Nica sitting dominantly, showing the style of the king.

Perhaps because of the battle collapse in the later years of the One Piece manga. It gave comic fans a bad taste in their mouths. Also made this sell less than the first one. But this is Luffy at the top of his game, so how can it not be exciting? Also new for 2023, it measures 23cm (W) x 32cm (H) x 6cm (D), which is much larger than the first model’s big box. But costs the same as the first model, only $44.9, so you’re getting what you pay for!


3. One PIECE 24 SURPRISES Advent Calendar

ONE PIECE 24 SURPRISES Advent Calendar

Compared to the first two, this Pirate King Advent Calendar is undoubtedly dedicated only to Halloween. The blue and purple background is matched with the bright yellow full moon in the sky. The bats flying away, the old castle standing, and Luffy, Sauron, and Joba wearing pumpkin costumes. Trick or treat is more suitable as a gift for small children in anticipation of Halloween. Measuring roughly 23cm (W) x 33cm (H) x 4cm (D), the original is 69.99, now only 49.99.


4. [Family Pack 3pcs] One Piece Advent Calendar Gift Box Deluxe

[Family Pack 3pcs] One Piece Advent Calendar Gift Box Deluxe _ In Stock

It’s a 3-in-1 kit,.When most fans just see the price of it, they lose the desire to buy it. It’s much cheaper to buy this set as opposed to buying the three One Piece Advent Calendars individually. It totaled $134.97.However, this 3-in-1 set is only $127.75. That’s the price of an afternoon tea. If you think the One Piece Advent Calendar is just a toy for kids, you would be wrong.  You can participate to enjoy Halloween surprises with your kids!

Do you want to know what Luffy and Roger’s secret dream is? Do you want to get a One Piece Advent Calendar for those you live you love? If you want to become a collector of the essential anime characters of One Piece. Go to buy it from OnePiecefans.Store and start the holiday countdown with the spirit and excitement of the One Piece!





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